Daryl Borden

Managing Director


Founder of Integrity Finance Australia, Daryl has been in finance for over 30 years and a small business operator since 1988. He has in depth understanding of the needs and priorities of a variety of people having worked with property investors, high net worth clients, self employed, property developers and professionals across the medical, legal, accountancy, mining and IT industries. 

What drives Daryl is his genuine interest in helping clients buy their dream home, build their wealth and achieve their dreams – especially when a bank has previously said no. It’s a philosophy he’s built Integrity Finance Australia on: he leads everyone on the team to prioritise customer care over sales.

A self confessed Collingwood fanatic, Daryl enjoys all sports, theatre and a glass of red wine when he’s not at work. He lives his life by the mantra that there’s no secret to success. It’s about surrounding yourself with supportive people, seeking education, being prepared and hard work.


Mobile: 0417 593 893