Buying a new home is equal parts exciting and scary. 

There are many different considerations when it comes to choosing a home loan that’s right for you. You may want the assurance of a fixed rate, or the flexibility of a standard variable. Discounted Rate (or Honeymoon) loans offer a low interest rate usually for the first year of the loan, before reverting to a standard variable rate, while line of credit is different from a traditional loan because it doesn’t require a minimum monthly repayment as long as you do not go above the approved credit limit. 

There’s many home loan paths you could take. Read more about the types of loans here.

Avoid confusion and ask for our expert advice on what will work for you.


Planning on purchasing your first home and feeling overwhelmed? A mortgage broker can be a very useful partner!

At Integrity Finance Australia we take the time to understand your situation, your objectives and we will be with you every step of the way.  

From an initial meeting where we will review your assets, determine your repayment capacity and explain different loan options we then help you choose the right loan, secure pre-approval and manage all loan negotiations and applications. 

You may be able to benefit from a First Home Owner Grant. Find out more about First Home Owner Grants in your state or territory here: 


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