Q: What EXACTLY does a mortgage broker do?

A: We do the running around you don’t have time to do! In short, a mortgage broker acts as your representative when dealing with banks, credit unions, building societies and other lending institutions. We compare lending products, and based on your needs, recommend one to suit you. And we work hard to negotiate the best rate and conditions with the bank. 

Some brokers deal specifically with residential investments. At Integrity Finance Australia we have the expertise and qualifications to offer a full range of loan products, including car loans, SMSF investment, business and commercial loans. We also offer reverse mortgages for eligible customers.  

Integrity Finance Australia works with more than 40 lenders, offering you more choice, more competition and a guarantee that the loan we negotiate on your behalf is based on your needs, not our sales targets. 


A: There are many benefits to working with a mortgage broker. It saves time, stress, money, and with expert advice and knowledge at your fingertips, you can save on bank fees, secure a better interest rate and maximise your borrowings.

In the long term, a mortgage broker is your objective financial partner, working with you through the life of the loan to ensure you have the best option available when unavoidable changes occur. 

In Melbourne and across Australia there are many mortgage brokers. What makes Integrity Finance Australia different? It’s all in our personal approach. Many of our clients have been with us for years – and they stay not just because we get them effective outcomes, but because they enjoy working with a friendly and client-focused team. Read more about what our clients say here

Q: Which lenders does Integrity Finance Australia work with? 

A: Integrity Finance Australia is affiliated with over 40 financial institutions including all major banks. For a full list click here

Q: What fees do I pay?

A: Generally speaking, Integrity Finance Australia is paid a fee by the lender which means we can provide you with our expert knowledge and service for free! Every now and then specialised services may attract another fee. We discuss this upfront with our clients on an as needs basis. 

To learn more about Integrity Finance Australia representative service standards, commissions paid to all entities, how commissions are calculated, our lender panel, privacy issues, complaints procedures and details of our Australian Credit Licence check our “Credit Guide” and “Privacy Policy” located at the bottom of the site.

Q: If I’ve been rejected for finance before can you still help me? 

A: Come and see us to find out what we can do for you! There are no guarantees, however we’ve achieved fantastic finance outcomes for customers that have been told no by the banks.

We have relationships with a large range of financial institutions, and a broad knowledge of all the finance products available. There may be a solution for you other brokers haven’t found yet.

Q: I’m happy with my current bank, why SHOULD I see a broker? 

A: Working with a mortgage broker saves time, stress, money, and with expert advice and knowledge at your fingertips, you can save on bank fees, secure a better interest rate and maximise your borrowings.

For clients who are happy with their current bank our first preference will be to work with that bank where our focus will be to negotiate better rates and conditions on your behalf.