Banks vs Mortgage Brokers

Decided that it’s time for a new loan, or maybe you’re looking at buying your first home, or even an investment property? Good on you! Many people head straight to the bank after making this decision, but stumble when trying to find the right bank. Whilst this strategy may work for some people, there is a wide range of benefits you are likely to miss out on by not using an experienced Mortgage Broker.

Here’s three of the many reasons why you should consider a mortgage broker:

1. Choice

One of the greatest advantages a mortgage broker has over the bank is choice. Whilst banks can only offer their limited products, brokers have access to a wide range of options. With connections to over 40 financial institutions, including all major banks, Integrity Finance Australia are able to find and compare many different options to best suit your needs.

2. Expertise

Numerous years’ of experience builds extensive knowledge on the different policies and procedures for each bank. One size does not fit all, which is what you can get when going to a bank. Mortgage brokers offer specialised assistance and each Integrity Finance Australia client is given a plan that is tailored to them. Our experienced team can provide professional and expert advice to ensure any setbacks are eliminated.

3. Convenience

Why spend your time running from bank to bank in the hopes of finding the perfect loan for you? Mortgage brokers work efficiently to provide you with all the necessary information and numbers. Our brokers oversee the process from start to finish to ensure that at the end of the day you are getting the best. Save yourself time and stress to focus on the things you enjoy.

So, next time instead of running straight to your bank, why not come and chat to one of our experienced mortgage brokers about your plans for the future and the possibilities available to you.