A wonderful review!

I was first referred to Daryl about 14 years ago when I about three years into paying off my mortgage as a single woman and had managed to get myself into a cycle of credit cards-personal loans etc. Daryl managed my refinance and debt consolidation efficiently and with a great deal of sensitivity. This was done without a glimmer of judgement at the mini mess I had got myself into and as It turned out, was a much better deal than my previous mortgage. I believe it was this that resulted in the turning point in my relationship with money.

Several years later, with my finances still well under control and with a good disposable income, Daryl did all the background work to make purchasing an investment property possible. Again, with the same approach , Daryl sort the best investment arrangement for me and I quickly had a significant deposit ready to make an offer on my first investment home. My circumstances changed, contemplating a different field of work altogether and the likelihood of a smaller disposable income. I decided it wasn’t the right time to invest and repaid the deposit. This change of heart surely should have been testing of even Daryl's patience but no, was met with nothing but understanding.

When it finally was the right time, last year, my partner and I both sought the advice and guidance of Daryl and the Integrity Finance team. We have now owned our weekender/retirement home for one year. All that financial palaver, we still wonder how we did it all, the answer is: we didn’t do it- Daryl and his team did.

In a time of distrust and questionable ethics and practice of banks and the financial services sector, I have and would recommend Daryl and the Integrity Finance team without hesitation. We have even toyed with the idea of "expanding our property portfolio" further and if we do, we'll be contacting Daryl. Our genuine heartfelt gratitude to Daryl, Julie and the Integrity Finance Team.

Nerida Sutherland (via Google reviews)