Spotlight on Mentone

Part of the City of Kingston, Mentone is a vibrant seaside suburb popular with older couples and families. And it’s well set up for families too, with eight schools, the highest concentration of schools in Melbourne.

Mentone was named for an Italian-French seaside resort and this tribute was carried through to street names such as Florence Street and Venice Street.

As at May 2017 a four-bedroom home was fetching an average $1.2 million, while a three-bedroom would fetch $935k. Houses in Mentone range from classic California bungalows to art deco. With the beach nearby, close access to the Nepean Highway and an abundance of shopping Mentone is popular for the lifestyle it offers. It’s also notable for its famous faces – actor Eddie Perfect wrote a stage show about his childhood in Mentone and Shane Warne attended school in the suburb.

Late last year a four-bedroom home achieved a record sale of $3.03 million for the suburb.

You can download a pdf version of this infographic here.

Spotlight on Mentone